Bag Lady Queen Selection Criteria

The purpose of the Bag Ladies Queen is to provide community service and help plan and create fundraising events. Below is detailed information about the selection criteria for Bag Ladies Queen. The following information is provided to make sure that all Bag Ladies Queen candidates are aware of the rules and expectations for the campaign and duties in the role of Bag Ladies Queen.

Qualifications to apply for candidacy:

  • Candidate must have ridden the Indy Bag Ladies Bus Tour at least once.
  • Candidate must be of legal age (21) to enter bars.
  • Candidate must have NO current or pending legal issues (if this changes during the course of the year, the BL Committee must be notified immediately. Candidate MUST agree to a background check.
  • Candidate must be approved by Bag Ladies’ Queen Committee (QC); simply putting in an application does not qualify you as a Candidate.


  • All accepted candidates will meet with the BL committee to discuss events.  Candidates MUST have details on their events (show, private events, etc.) prepared for this meeting.  *The scheduling of events must be vetted against the Master Calendar of BL events which is owned by the BL Committee and managed by the BL Coordinator.
  • All monies from events MUST be handled by the  BLQ(s), or approved and designated person(s) and must be turned in the day/night of the event. *If there is a situation of a match that isn’t collected at the time of the event, ALL matched funds must be collected and turned in within 48 hours of the event to the BLQ Coordinator.
  • All candidates should ask the other candidates, the current BLQ, and Formers to perform in their Drag Show prior to inviting non Bag Ladies performers.
  • No candidate may bill themselves as a Bag Ladies candidate at a non-Bag Ladies show unless they turn in all tips from said shows.
  • Candidates who do not adhere to the requirements set forth may be disqualified from being a BLQ candidate.


DISCLAIMER: All rules are subject to change during the year with or without advance notice from the QC. IF any issue arises with a candidate, the QC will issue a private warning, and disqualification (for current year or longer) is possible.

Rules for Candidates

  • Candidate may NOT post/advertise that they are candidates until official notification of candidate slate by the Bag Ladies Committee which will be on or prior to April 1st . (Date subject to change.)
  • Candidate must attend committee meetings as set up and required by the committee (schedule and frequency will be determined by the committee).
  • Candidate must read, sign, and follow all rules published by the QC (including usage of BL name, social media, fundraising, interaction with other candidates and groups, personal and candidate name web pages, etc).
  • Candidate should attend as many BL events as possible but must participate in at least 2 BL events as non-performers, one of these events being Loud and Proud in June. Candidates will perform in the Bag Ladies Showcase in October.
  • Candidate may have one Drag Show event but may host other types of fundraising efforts. Additional Drag Shows and other types of fundraising events using the BL MUST have prior approval of the Bag Ladies Committee.

Duties of the Bag Ladies Queen

  • If the Bag Ladies Queen is attending another event such as but not limited to any fundraisers, pageants, community events the Queen must wear the Bag Lady Queen Sash. If the Queen is judging the event, the Queen should be in full face and dressed appropriately.
  • The Queen will be responsible for organizing and hosting The Stockings Were Hung show with the outgoing Queen. The new Queen should invite other candidates who were not selected to participate in this event.
  • The Queen will coordinate the former Bag Ladies Queens and encourage them to ride on the float during the Cadillac Barbie Pride Parade.
  • The Queen shall promote and encourage new riders for the annual Bag Ladies Bus Tour and encourage contestants to compete for Bag Ladies Queen.
  • The Queen will not compete or hold any other titles until her reign as Bag Ladies Queen is completed.
  • The Queen is encouraged to be involved in other fundraising events happening in the community or offer community services as the need arises.
  • The Queen should be an active participate and help coordinate a Bag Ladies Team in the AIDS Walk.
  • The Queen is expected to attend and participate in as many Bag Ladies events as possible during the year.


All decisions on applications, vendors, fundraising events, appearances, Queen selection will be final. These criteria are meant to be used as tools to make this opportunity as much fun, and respectful as possible and ensuring the heart of the Bag Ladies Queen title remains true!

A List of Bag Lady Queens

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