Bag Ladies give out a few awards every year to recognize excellence in our community:

The Blossom/Cadillac Barbie Award

The Blossom/Cadillac Barbie Award is given to an individual has gone “above and beyond” in the Indianapolis community and who continues to be dedicated to making the GLBT community a better place for everyone. This award is named after Blossom (Coby Palmer), Bag Lady founder and Cadillac Barbie (Gary Brackett) for providing leadership to keep the organization viable from 2005 – present. Click for Recipients

The Joseph F. Miller/Ivy Long Community Service Award

During the 30th Anniversary Bus Tour, the Bag Ladies introduced a new annual award – the Joseph F. Miller Community Service Award. This award is named in memory of Joseph F. Miller, renowned philanthropist from Indianapolis and friend of the Bag Ladies who passed away in 2010. This award will be presented annually to someone in the community has given above and beyond of his/her time, talents, and money to enrich the lives of the GLBT community in Indianapolis. Click for Recipients

Portia Lynn Van Buren Award

In honor of Portia Lynn Van Buren’s contributions to the Indianapolis community and her outrageous, no apology attitude, the Bag Ladies honor Portia Lynne Van Buren by presenting the Portia Lynne Van Buren Award to an individual who rides the Bag Lady Bus and most closely embodies Portia’s attitude toward her life, her sense of caring and giving and her philosophy of life. Click for Recipients

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