Barbra Pleaze

Year you were crowned Queen: 2019
Number of years you’ve ridden the Bus Tour: 2
Where did you get your Bag Ladies Name: My name is an homage to Barbra Streisand and Mommie Dearest.
What is your spirit animal or your secret super power: The power to control weather; like Storm.

Old Showgirls Never Die

Bag Ladies Queens 2019-2020

What is something about you people assume is true that isn’t? That this old lady can’t groove.

Who/What inspired you to ride the Bus Tour for the first time? I jumped head first as a candidate on my first Bus Tour.

What has been your favorite Bus Tour Theme? 2019 – Old Showgirls Never Die

Share your favorite memory of the Bus Tour? Having my friends from work ride the bus and them having the time of their lives.

Who is your favorite Bag Ladies Sister and why? All of them are special to me. Cassidy Fellows-Sommers is my close Judy. She was my original sponsor and has turned out some amazing fundraising events with me.

Why did you want to be Bag Ladies Bus Tour Queen? I wanted to become Bag Ladies Queen to serve my community and raise money for those in need.

What does “Once a Queen, always a Queen,” mean to you? This is not a title for a year. Being Bag Ladies Queen is a commitment for life. As long as I’m able I will help those in need.

What is your biggest accomplishment as Bag Ladies Queen or as a Former? As reigning Queen during the (COVID-19) pandemic, I’m very proud of the events we have put together during this difficult times.

For what would you most like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered for my goofy state performances, for always having a smile and trying to make people laugh even if it was only myself.

When a cure and a vaccine for HIV are discovered and HIV no longer exists, what will the Bag Ladies do next? The Bag Ladies will be there as long as help is needed in our community.

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