Donna Rhea

Donna Rhea

Year you were crowned Queen? 2008
Number of years you’ve ridden the Bus Tour? 9 years
Where did you get your Bag Ladies Name? I believe Sequoia Pentecost and I came up with it.
What is your spirit animal or your secret superpower? My spirit animal is a gerbil.

A Fairy’s Tail: Every Story Comes with a Happy Ending

Bag Ladies Queens 2008

Who/What inspired you to ride the Bus Tour for the first time? Cadillac and Sequoia talked me into it the first year.

What has been your favorite Bus Tour Theme? Bringing Back the Camp

Share your favorite memory of the Bus Tour? Cadillac calling the publisher of The Word the week after the tour to keep my name out of the gossip column…

Who is your favorite Bag Ladies Sister and why? Cadillac Barbie, she’s such a mess you can’t help but love her. Nora Castleton is a very close second, love her and her meat and cheese trays.

Why did you want to be Bag Ladies Bus Tour Queen? I love giving back to the community and supporting each other.

What does “Once a Queen, always a Queen,” mean to you? Even though I no longer live in Indy, I know my fellow Queens always welcome me back with open arms when I come back home.

What is your biggest accomplishment as Bag Ladies Queen or as a Former? Raising over $6,000 my year of running for Queen by organizing and selling Bag Ladies Calendars.

For what would you most like to be remembered? Being a proud and supportive member of the Bag Ladies.

When a cure and a vaccine for HIV are discovered and HIV no longer exists, what will the Bag Ladies do next? We will keep raising money for the LGBTQ community.

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