Patricia Yolanda Weave

Pat Yo Weave

Year you were crowned Queen: 2012
Number of years you’ve ridden the Bus Tour: 8
Where did you get your Bag Ladies Name? My friend Kyle named me one night while carving pumpkins.
What is your spirit animal or your secret super power? A gazelle.

Heels Over Head

Bag Ladies Queens 2012

What is something about you people assume is true that isn’t? That I am mean and not giving.

Who/What inspired you to ride the Bus Tour for the first time? Latrina Bidet and Cadillac Barbie.

What has been your favorite Bus Tour Theme? 2015 – The Places You’ll Go: Making the Scene This Halloween

Share your favorite memory of the Bus Tour? Delivering the swearing in of the virgins at the beginning of the Bus Tour.

Who is your favorite Bag Ladies Sister and why? All of my sisters play a role in being the favorite depending on the month, their cycle and who is president.

Why did you want to be Bag Ladies Bus Tour Queen? I wanted to be a part of the grand scheme of what we do.

What does “Once a Queen, always a Queen,” mean to you? This means that no matter who may wear the crown we are all always Queens.

What is your biggest accomplishment as Bag Ladies Queen or as a Former? Creating a safe ally space at my school for kids.

For what would you most like to be remembered? For being the high energy Queen who always gives it her all.

When a cure and a vaccine for HIV are discovered and HIV no longer exists, what will the Bag Ladies do next? Continue the work of helping this Community grow.

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