Sequoia Pentecost

Sequoia Pentecost

Bag Ladies Name: Reverend Evangelist Suffregon Bishop Campus Minister Sequoia Q. Pentecost, Lawyer for the Lord.
Year you were crowned Queen: 2006
Number of years you’ve ridden the Bus Tour: 12
Where did you get your Bag Ladies Name? Sequoia was given by Agnes Boudreaux; Pentecost is from Jesus.
What is your spirit animal or your secret super power? Wig whisperer.

Martinis & Diamonds: The Tradition Continues

Bag Ladies Queens 2006

What is something about you people assume is true that isn’t? That I’m a real bearded lady.

Who/What inspired you to ride the Bus Tour for the first time? The good work of the Bag Ladies.

What has been your favorite Bus Tour Theme? 2007 – One Night Only: An Evening of Mischief & Mayhem.

Share your favorite memory of the Bus Tour? Nora’s meat & cheese tray.

Who is your favorite Bag Ladies Sister and why? Cadillac Barbie – she encouraged me to help keep the Bag Ladies going after their “last tour” in 2005 – The Fat Lady Sings: The Final Tour.

Why did you want to be Bag Ladies Bus Tour Queen? Because of the great community connection and the ability to help support our community.

What does “Once a Queen, always a Queen,” mean to you? It means that you always uphold the values of the Bag Ladies to support the cause and give back to the community.

What is your biggest accomplishment as Bag Ladies Queen or as a Former? Creating the Country & Gospel Brunch, one of the largest and best known fundraising events.

For what would you most like to be remembered? For bringing back the joy of childhood church and vacation Bible school we knew before adults complicated our lives.

When a cure and a vaccine for HIV are discovered and HIV no longer exists, what will the Bag Ladies do next? The Bag Ladies will find ways to support prevention through vaccination, medications, etc.

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