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Dear Bag Ladies Friends and Family,


There are many changes and challenges we are faced with this year. 2020 is our 40th Anniversary Year! Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to celebrate as we had hoped. Below I will outline how this year is going to look through to Halloween Saturday.


There will be no Indy Bag Ladies Bus Tour for 2020. It is so hard to come to terms with this, but COVID-19 has just made a bus tour impossible. We value your health and safety. After looking at every angle, there was not a feasible way to protect you the rider and those we interact with at each stop. Polling the public and our business stops confirmed our thoughts; no one was in favor of riding the bus during a pandemic.


There will be no crowning of a 2020 Indy Bag Ladies Queen. Yet another hard decision we went back and forth on. This year has been extremely hard for our contestants to raise money post COVID-19. We polled our former queens and the consensus was to postpone crowning for 2020. However, if any of our candidates wish to run next year, we certainly will count their funds raised and involvement for their 2021 campaign. Thank you so much to our three candidates this year: Summer Clearance, Ginger Redwood and Holly Would!


Now on with the fundraising good news! Starting Monday September 28th, The Indy Bag Ladies will be giving you our own version of All Stars called, “Queen’s Challenge 2020!” Our current Queen Barbra Pleaze and former Queens will be grouped on three teams we will call “Buses.” They will be recruiting you to join their bus and help with fundraising. Each bus team will be working towards a goal of $5000 to go towards the DEFA Fund. You are encouraged to personally fundraise and make social media posts and videos spurring on others to give. The bus team with the most raised will be announced by Mother Blossom on Sunday October 25th from a central location and announced live on social media!


On Halloween night, the Indy Bag Ladies will unveil an online Tel-a-thon! We will be broadcasting live via social media from a central location. Throughout the evening we will go remote to local bars, restaurants and businesses to help promote them and fundraise. We will have three to four former Bag Ladies Queens and or friends to be at the remote locations. The Queens on location, when not on camera, will be encouraged to do numbers and other creative ways to fundraise. Our goal for the evening will be $15000!


We know this is a crazy year for everything. Your continued love and support for what we do in the community is greatly appreciated! The need for funds for those affected by HIV is still great. Your tax-deductible donations make the difference daily for those in need. Thank you in advance for your involvement!


Best Regards, Polly
Howard Hill (Pollyanna Parker BLQ 2017)
Coordinator, Indy Bag Ladies Events

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